What we do...

Fresh Produce

We stock a large range of fresh seasonal certified organic fruit and veggies. Although the number of local certified organic growers in Western Australia is limited we support them before buying from other states. Hopefully though with time and an increased interest and understanding of the importance of organic farming this percentage will lessen. We look for and encourage new growers and processors as it would be great to source mostly from WA.

Dry Goods

We stock a great range of certified organic dry goods, each item has its place on our selves after making it through a series of our fussy but justified checks regarding certification, quality and origin. If we do not stock an item there is always a valid reason. We trade with many suppliers and although there is much work involved it is necessary to keep our range unique and of high quality.  


All our food is made fresh, by our team, on site from scratch. All our food is takeaway plant based or vegetarian & made using the same ingredients we sell on our shelves. We pride ourselves on producing wholesome food of the highest quality.  The menu is forever changing and evolving and is in line with the seasonal availability of the produce we sell. We offer a range that includes items to suit most current dietary requirements. We use a wide range of alternative ingredients like quinoa and other grains, coconut sugar, coconut oil, wholemeal, spelt or gluten free flours plus a lot more. Although our food is wholesome there is no compromise on taste.  

In addition to our cabinet foods we also have a range of made to order items (for takeaway) including smoothies, smoothie bowls and an 'on toast' menu. 

We also make many items for retail sale in our store such as cold pressed juices, dips, ready made meals, nut milk and butters. 

Specialty Coffee 

Our coffee is roasted by certified organic roaster Joy Beans Coffee. We have been working closely with Joy Beans over the past few years where we have seen a great increase in the availability of high rated organic beans. This change along with Joy Beans roasting technique and our careful & consistent brewing methods has pushed the quality of coffee into the speciality coffee realm. We use a custom seasonal blend for our white coffees and rotating single origins for our black, filter & iced coffees.

We use local organic full cream milk from Margaret River Creameries, purchased in 20L pails to reduce waste & we recommend our house made Almond Milk for a dairy alternative.

In addition to coffee we offer a range of other hot and iced drinks using ingredients such as turmeric, matcha green tea and house roasted chai spice.   

Home Deliveries

In addition to dry goods available through our online store we also offer a home delivery service to Perth customers that includes fresh produce, chilled goods, kitchen foods. Produce availability is emailed weekly. Contact us for further information.  

Clothing & Crafts

We stock a range of organic and fair trade baby and kids clothing, accessories & crafts. This is an expanding range and supporting such ethical businesses aligns with our ethos and goes hand in hand with the other items in our store. 


We stock Swan Valley Nurseries organic range and eden seeds. We promote growing at home and do so ourselves. 

Our Story

We believe there is a need for special places, those where you instantly feel welcome and at home... 

The roots of our shop began setting over 20 years ago from our local market garden shed in Gwelup. From the shed grew Absolutely Organic WA which operated in Gwelup from 2002 until 2015. We have since blossomed again into the unique and wonderful place we now call Dunn & Walton.  A true reflection of the ideas and experiences of our own as well as the influences of those involved over the years. 

From the beginning we have continued to provide a unique service that you could not expect to receive anywhere else. Not only do we offer a great range of certified organic and biodynamic food, but there is no room for confusion as we don’t stock foods that are not certified organic. As a CERTIFIED ORGANIC SHOP we are inspected and interviewed annually by NASAA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia). This certification requires that we check the certification on all products before including them in our range. We believe it is important for you to have confidence in the organic status of the food we sell. 

We will always encourage you to try gardening. We can offer suggestions and opinions when asked and promote ideas such as container growing which is possible even if you have a tiny space. We support and encourage community gardening and believe it plays an important part in the community on many levels.  

Beyond organics we embrace and are involved with the local Fair Trade movement, you will find evidence of this throughout the store in both food and craft products. 

We also have a strong emphasis on reusing and recycling. The Health and Safety rules and regulations for a food shop do restrict us, but we are innovators and have worked out ways to comply and progress in this area.

We hope to see you in our shop and will be more than happy to help or guide you in any way we can, between us we have vast knowledge on food, growing food, nutrition, cooking and organics that we are more than willing to share.