Workshop 2 - 25/6 - Wintergreen Herby Soup & Whole Spelt Baguette

Workshop 2 - 25th June 6:30pm-8:30pm - Cooking with Seasonal Organic Wholefoods - Wintergreen Herby Soup & Whole Spelt Baguette. 

Alongside Dunn & Walton Owner Arena & Wholefood Chef Eve you will learn to make the above organic wholefood menu. 

You will learn about the ingredients we use including why and how. You will be tasting at various stages as well as eating the meal at the end. 

Limited to 10 Spaces, if full you can go onto a wait list. 

Cancellations - 2 weeks plus - $15 cancellation fee. 0-2 weeks - only if a replacement can be booked from our waiting list, $15 cancellation fee.